About Serene


To be valued as a trusted financial services provider and a role model in creating and supporting such opportunities in the community.


To bridge the gap in the provision of financial services where customer satisfaction, efficiency and innovation reign


  • Integrity – Being passionate about becoming the unrivaled industry leader.
  • Transparency – Working clearly and ethically
  • Service excellence and commitment – We strive to provide excellence service and continually improve our performance
  • Innovation – Be creative and go extra mile to deliver
  • Accountability – We take full responsibility of our decisions and actions
  • Continuous Learning: We believe in flexibility and embrace positive change
  • Professionalism: Adopting an approach that demonstrates competency, character and attitude.
  • Results focused: Keeping the end in mind as we discharge our duties.

    “Where vision gets support”

    Just call at +255 742 273 294 for customer service